Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus)

Other Common Names:
Curled dock, Garden patience.

Thought to have its origins in Europe.

Origin description:
Yellow Dock has long been known as the plant one uses to get rid of stinging nettle stings as it soothes the sensation with its crushed up leaves.

What's in it?
Anthraquinones, minerals, tannins, bitters, rumicin.

Are all Yellow Dock remedies the same?
Yellow dock remedies vary. We provide Yellow Dock in tincture form as the medicinal properties are readily available in this way. A complement to this treatment is through a consultation. This is because there is a nutritional awareness that will enhance the tincture treatment. Diet is important to consider. We provide this consultation service or alternatively a workshop day can be provided.

How does it work?
Yellow Dock is a strong bitter and its benefits are plentiful. It clears the digestive system and bowels easily and gently. It binds to heavy metals and assists them in leaving the body system. On an energetic level Yellow Dock works with the solar plexus and helps with creativity and confidence.


Women Men
Digestive problems.
Low energy.
Releasing anger.
Creativity and Confidence.
Toxicity in System.