Violets (Viola odorata)

Other Common Names:

Violets come from Western and Southern Europe and are now widely growing throughout the world.

Origin description:
Violets have been frequently used through time for throat and lung ailments and against cancer.

What's in it?
Saponins - Glycosides. Rich in flavonoids and vitamin C.

Are all Violet remedies the same?
The plantrhythm violet remedy is primarily for internal use; it works physically and energetically (essence and tincture qualities as with the others of this range).

How does it work?
For most conditions, it is best taken at a dose of 7 drops up to 7 times a day or as needed. It may also be used externally just the drops themselves or mixed into a cream and used topically for skin problems (i.e. eczema).


Women Men
Lung ailments (asthma, bronchitis, mucous, coughs).
Throat problems.
Skin problems.