Peach Stones (Prunus persica)

Other Common Names:
Kokh, Melocotonero, Momo and Seftali.

Originally from China, the Peach has been cultivated since time was first grown in Asia, Persia and then introduced into Europe.

Origin description:
The Peach is an old symbol of the great feminine. It has been used as a specific for ailing ovaries and for womb troubles.

What's in it?
Amandins, calcium campesterol, alpha methyl stigmata and linoleic acid. Rich in iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Are all Peach Stone remedies the same?
Peach stone remedies vary greatly. They are made from the leaves, the stone and the fruit.

How does it work?
Peach stone essence is best taken at a dose of 3 drops 4-7 times daily under the tongue. Some affirmations that work well with Peach Stones are, "I can speak up for myself", "I express freely", "I am creative" and "I speak with love".


Women Men
Poor Communication.
Lack of change.
Low self-acceptance.
Colds and Flus.
Unclear expression.
Ovarian/uterine imbalance.