Motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca)

Other Common Names:
Lion heart, Herb of Venus, Mother for every woman.

It is a native of many parts of Europe, now found growing throughout the world.

Origin description:
It has been used for centuries in European Folk medicine and in Traditional Chinese medicine. In eastern China, women still drink a syrup made from motherwort to promote the recovery of the uterus after childbirth.

What's in it?
Motherwort contains many minerals including iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The main chemical constituents are alkaloids, stachydrine and leonurine, ursolic acid, flavonoids quercetin and rutin, leonurine and leonuridin, caffeic acid, tannins and resin.

Are all Motherwort remedies the same?
Motherwort remedies vary greatly. They are available in capsule, dried and in tincture form. It is important to note that liquid extracts are more easily absorbed by the body.

How does it work?
Motherwort is adaptogenic which means it works on the body according to the specific needs of the person taking it. The overriding effect is a calming regulating action. The emphasis is on a return to inner balance and dependency on self. It is not addictive and the positive effects of Motherwort such as uterine tone and elimination of headaches lasts beyond the actual course it is taken for. It's effects are not limited to the endocrine system and also effect the heart and circulation simultaneously.


Women Men
Low energy.
Mood Swings.
Irregular blood sugar levels.
Menstrual cramps.  
Lapses in concentration.
Heavy/light flow problems.
Heart palpitations.
PMS & PMT.  
Poor blood circulation.