Lavender & Angelica (Lavendula sp. & Angelica archangelica)

Other Common Names:
Angelica is also known as Herba angelica.

Lavender comes from the Mediterranean regions, the Middle East and India. Angelica was originally found in North and Eastern Europe and now grows throughout the world.

Origin description:
Lavender has long been known as a plant of protection, reminding us to relax and move through our changes and transitions easily. Angelica is a plant of Archangel Michael, much associated with protection and courage.

What's in it?
Volatile oils, tannins, esters (acetic esters), alcohols, bitter principle, and valeric and angelic acids. It also contains angelica balsam and the resin Angelicin.

Are all Lavender and Angelica remedies the same?
This unusual combination of plants has amazing healing abilities, particularly when it comes to resolving issues of the heart.

How does it work?
With most people, it works around the front and back of the heart, clearing both past and present issues of the heart. This remedy works quite specifically in other ways as well and is best taken at a 5 drop dose under the tongue, up to 6 times a day.

For acute physical symptoms take a dose of 30 drops in water 2 to 4 times a day.


Women Men
Heart-related issues.
Lung conditions.
Hormone imbalance.
Low energy.