Croneswort (Artemisia vulgaris)

Other Common Names:
Felon herb, Mugwort, Chinese moxa.

Though Croneswort now grows wild worldwide, it is native to northern temperate regions.

Origin description:
Croneswort is an ancient sacred plant of the Moon Goddess Artemis, assisting us in going for our dreams and goals in an independent self-reliant manner.

What's in it?
Tannins, bitter principles, alkaloids and phenols.

Are all Croneswort remedies the same?
Croneswort is a unique remedy in an essence form in that it helps both sides of the brain, the right (more creative) and the left (typically more logical) side to communicate better, thus creating a more united sense of being. Croneswort also helps us to connect with our intuition more clearly.

The plantrhythm preparation of croneswort has a mixture of both essence and tincture properties. When using the remedy as more of an essence, take 3 drops up to 5 times daily as needed. For more acute physical conditions, the dose is 20-30 drops as needed.


Women Men
Clarity of thought.
Digestive problems/Acid reflux.
Hormone imbalance.
Threatened miscarriage.  
Depression with loss of appetite.