Cleavers and Violets (Galium aparine & Viola odorata)

Other Common Names:
Cleavers is also known as Goosegrass or biddy-bids. Violets are also called ionagroin in Greek.

Cleavers come from Europe and Northern and Western Asia. Violets originate in Europe and Africa and Asia.

Origin description:
Cleavers is an unobtrusive plant that has been used for centuries medicinally for immunity. Violets have also been used by many of our ancestors for afflictions of the throat, heart/lung area and skin.

What's in it?
Tannins, saponins and cell salts. Rich in magnesium and iron.

Are all Cleavers and Violets remedies the same?
This combined mixture of plants is unusual and works amazingly on the throat and sacral energy centers, besdies clearing the lymphatic system and energy field.

How does it work?
It is best taken at a dose of 7 drops under the tongue 3 to 7 times/day as needed. A violet flame clearing visualization may be done simultaneously. For very acute conditions take 21 drops 3 times/day.


Women Men
Poor lymph circulation.
Lymph gland swelling.
Throat problems.
Low energy.
Clearing on all levels.